Preem Skärplinge

Welcome to fuel your car or take a fika.

Preem Skärplinge

Preem Skärplinge


We have food no matter what you are craving for. Everything from hot dogs to a real hull meal! We also have burgers, cold and hot sandwiches, flatbread rolls or why not meatballs with puree and lingonberry jam.


Soft drinks, bubble water, energy drinks, Smoothie or coffee, you can for example choose between brewed coffee, latte, flavored latte or cappuccino.

Swedish fika

You can also come in for a swedish fika. We have buns, carrot cake, croissants and much more.

You can also exchange or buy gas bottle or carbonated bottles here.

Trailer rental

Book and rent your trailer!

We have trailers both with and without a hood.

Do it yourself car wash

Come and wash the car with us!

We have shampoo, sponges and other things you need to get a clean car.

Welcome to us in Preem in Skärplinge

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