Ängskär and Hållnäs: from ice age to the present

Ängskär and Hållnäs: from ice age to the present. Land raising, Viking time and much more!

Photo: Linda Wickström

Cultural history guidning in beautiful Ängskär´s deep harbour.

Tommy Edlund have been studied local history for a long time. Research in the history of his own house was expanded to the entire village. For ten years, he drives well-visited website Goksnare.se, with over a thousand pages history - a treasure for history interested and genealogist.

Walk in a small group out to the old landmark, or a lighter round in the deep harbour. Then follow a about 60-90 minutes lecture about Hållnäs history (in swedish.)

The Hållnäs peninsula is located in the northern Uppland, with just over five miles untouched coast against the Bothnian Sea. You will find small fishing villages, a rich bird life and a distinctive and varied nature.


at 10:00 - 1.5 km walk in hilly ground

At 13:00 - Shorter walk in the deep harbour

Max 7 participants per group

Registration and information: Katrin and Jimmy on the coastal view.se

www.kustvy.se, info@kustvy.se.

Collection: The car park at Ängskärs harbour

Price: 370 SEK per person

The price includes a lighter ingestion from the camping restaurant nearby, partly based on local ingredients.

Specify any special diet when notification.

This walk is part of a series guided hikings on Hållnäs peninsula. Organizers are the projekt Future Hållnäs, the biosphere reserve Älvlandet and local businesses .