Älvkarleby Sportfiske

Angling in Dalälven river

Älvkarleby Sportfiske

Salmon and sea trout in Dalälven river

In Älvkarleby there is a very diverse fishing area where most can find their niche. Angling downstream of Älvkarlebyfallen is perhaps the most well-known.

Salmon and sea trout are caught here. In the river there is also a good stock of pike, pike and perch and most white fish. The area is suitable for specimen fishing.

The angling in Dalälven extends from Älvkarlebyfallen to the mouth of the sea, a distance of about nine kilometers. The A-section starts to consist of about one kilometer rapids closest to the falls and the fishing is mainly from land. On the next stretch, from Älvkarleby Fiskecamp and out to the estuary, the river runs quieter and here you fish from boat.

Upstream of the falls you will find islands in an exciting and different environment. Here too, the waters are rich in pike, pike and perch.

Fishing license

To angle in Älvkarleby you must buy a fishing license.

Here can you buy them:

Sportfiskekontoret i Älvkarleby,

Älvkarleby fiskecamping

Larsas sport i Skutskär

Gävle fiskeredskap

Preem i Skutskär

Please notice that there are several different fishing sections and licenses.

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