Älvkarleby church

The bride by the Dalälven river is our oldest church and has a very beautiful ceiling with colorful paintings. The altarpiece is also a must see. The church is open Sun-Thur 22/6 - 30/7 (1030-16) Welcome!

Älvkarleby church

Älvkarleby church, also called the bride by the Dalälven river, was inaugurated in 1490 by Archbishop Jakob Ulvsson. The church is located at a height near the Dalälven river. Here are well-preserved arches and paintings and a beautiful altar cabinet from 1490 with the madonna in the center.

In the early 18th century, the parish grew and the church was expanded

Tours this Summer; Sund to Thurs 22/6 - 30/8

Open hours 1030 to 16


Älvkarleby church arranges several concerts during the summer.

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