Marma church

The church with rather different windows. The ceiling in Marma church is rather spectacular and worth a visit. The design of the building makes One think of a mediterranean villa.

Marma church

The church was built in 1925 - 1927 and was inaugurated by Archbishop Nathan Söderblom. After renovation, the church was re-opened on December 1, 2013. The church is built in lime sandstone tile, made in Skutskär. It is simply decorated, white with red-brown ceiling. The altarpiece is painted by Professor Einar Forseth and represents modern people's meetings with the resurrected Jesus Christ at the lake of Genesis.

The church was built on the initiative of that time church governor Frans Tivell. The church was funded with voluntary contributions and great voluntary involvement from the locals. Frans Tivell and Forest Guard C G Johansson in Marma invested the first two hundredths in 1910 themselves.

Ahlgrens in Gävle has also sponsored the church. One sign of this is the round windows of the church designed as cahugh drops.

Summer concerts

The church arranges several concerts during the summer.

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