Skutskär church

Also called St Johns churh. A white-grained church in neo-Gothic style guards the delta of the Dalälven river. Inside it is painted with flowers and plants which makes it an all year garden. The organ on the balcony is very strong and powerful.

Skutskär church

Skutskär is a young society that originates from the sawmill that was built on the site during the 1870s. Initially, there was no church in Skutskär so other buildings could be used for worship services. The church was built at a height in a green area which is located on the northern edge of the community.

On June 22, 1906, the final inspection took place and at the Midsummer Day the church was inaugurated by Archbishop Johan August Ekman. The church was named John Church since the Midsummer Day is also John the Baptist's day. The church dates back to 1906, but burned down to the foundation in 1921. In the autumn of the same year, the church was already rebuilt. The church is built in neo-Gothic style with arched windows. The baptismal font from the year 1921 is built in Gotland sandstone. The altar crucifix in copper is created by the artist Bengt Härdelin.

In 1978, the church was restored.

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